NEW: flexible in-ceiling light track system

We have been busy during lockdown and along with setting up the facility to host virtual productions (more on that at a later date) we have also installed an in-ceiling light track system. The flexible lighting track system provides coverage for most shooting situations. The lights can be suspended via a mix of 2 x LuxS pantographs, 2 x Manfrotto solid drops (100cm), 3 x Manfrotto Telescopic posts.

Available Lights
  • Arri L5-C - Fresnel Colour
  • Arrilite 2000 2k
  • 2 x Aputure f7 LED bi-colour lights
  • 2 x Aputure 120d Mkii
  • 1 x Aputure 300d Mkii
  • 1 x Nanguang Pavolite RGB tube
  • 4 X PixaPro LED100B MKIII Bright Bi-Colour LED Studio Light
  • 2 x FloLight 1024 LED Panel
  • 1 x Dedo DLH4 Spot
  • 4 x Halogen Stage Light / Flood
  • LitePanels Micro Pro LED

Lighting modifiers
  • 1 x Aputure LightDome ii
  • 1 x Pixapro 1.1 m Hexagon soft box
  • 1 x Aputure Mini-LightDome ii
  • 3 x Aputure Lantern Soft Box
  • 2 x Aputure Space Light Soft Box
  • 1 x Aputure Fresnel 2x
  • Lastolite skylight 2m x 2m 1.25 stop diffuser
  • Dedolight DP1.1 - Imager Projection Attachment with 85mm lens for DLH4 and DLED4 Heads (DP-1.1)
  • Dedolight GM-GMAS10-M - Master Gobo Set of 10 "M" Size (GMGMAS10M)
  • Dedolight Dedoflex DSBSXS 30x30cm Mini Silver Softbox Kit for Dedolight DLH4

If you'd like to discuss set up options, email or call 07818 000832